SuddenlySpaces Launches AI-Driven Platform to Revolutionize the Flexible Office Space Industry


SuddenlySpaces Launches AI-Driven Platform to Revolutionize the Flexible Office Space Industry

New York, NY – June 19, 2024 ( – SuddenlySpaces, a woman-owned flexible office AI-driven marketplace solution, today announced its official launch. The company’s innovative platform is poised to transform the $97 billion global flex office space industry by connecting flex property owners with pre-qualified tenants, reducing risk, and increasing efficiency.

SuddenlySpaces, led by Founder and CEO Esther Corvil, a seasoned PropTech revenue growth leader with experience at Rezi and LiquidSpace, offers an AI-driven SaaS platform that reduces landlord risks through predictive tenant matching, risk forecasting, and data analytics.

The company’s efficient onboarding process lists properties in under 5 minutes, boosting ROI and surpassing competitors. “Our platform is designed to empower property owners and tenants alike, addressing the pain points from the industry I heard about when I first joined in 2012,” said Corvil. “We believe that by leveraging the power of AI, we can create a more efficient, transparent, and profitable flexible office space market.”

SuddenlySpaces, backed by a team of 17 industry-leading experts, is currently raising $1.5 million in a convertible note with preferred terms to fuel their growth, with a goal to be profitable by January 2025.

About SuddenlySpaces
SuddenlySpaces is a flexible office AI-driven marketplace solution that is transforming the $97 billion global flex office space industry. The company’s innovative platform connects coworking owners and operators with pre-qualified tenants, reduces risk, and increases efficiency. SuddenlySpaces, led by a team of seasoned industry experts, has already generated significant traction and is scheduling demos of its platform.

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